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Lagos Aerodrome Information

The Aerodrome is only 2 km from the popular tourist resort of Lagos, which has its own beautiful beaches and easy access to several others. Aerodrome Information

37° 7'18.99"N  8°40'45.04"W LAGOS (LPLG)  17 ft amsl
2 km N of Lagos
  TMA Faro APP 119.40  FIS - Lisbon Information 125.55  
Rwy Dim (m) Surface TRA (m) LDA (m) Lighting
12/30 550 x 8 m Asphalt 12 - 550 12 - 500 Nil
      30 - 550 30 - 500 Nil 
Op hrs: PPR. SR-SS - Assistance 09.00 – 17.00 hrs (Local) Monday - Friday
Met: Faro
289 818698           
AIS: At Faro           
Cafe: 09.00 – 17.00 hrs (Local)    
Hangarage: Limited    
Remarks: Airfield situated at the western edge of the Faro TMA (base 1000ft above SFC) TMA clearance from Faro App 119.40. Circuits 900ft aal, Left Hand Pattern on Rwy 12, Right Hand Pattern on Rwy 30. Helicopter pad 50 metres south of runway 30 threshold. Visiting aircraft descend on dead side to circuit height. Maintain a good look out at all times as the airfield is intensively used for microlight training. No radio service but 122.4 is often monitored, especially during office hours 09.00 - 17.00 hrs. Parking at owner's risk – Minimum - 50 m away from runway, clear of taxiways & hangarsCaution: Radio antennas 1 km East of aerodrome (350ft aal) and 2 km W of aerodrome (500ft aal). Marked, high-tension electricity cables cross the river valley 250 m due South of Rwy 30 threshold. Strong down draughts and wind-shear possible, especially when the wind is from a SE-SW direction. Check wind direction carefully as it is liable to change frequently around midday, especially June-Sept.
Fuel: Nil. - Garage 500 metres
Portimâo Aerodrome 8 km
Telephone:(+351) 914 903 384
(+ 351) 282 763 891