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General Information

Practical and theoretical training is carried out with us in Portugal for the UK NPPL (M) and beyond - even up to Flight Instructor level.  Professional instruction, lesson continuity, weather and structured courses are the most essential ingredients in learning to fly quickly and safely.

Training is available on either a Quantum 912 weightshift or an X-Air three axis or the Italian supership P 200.

The X-Air is a high wing side-by-side seat, dual stick controlled monoplane.  This popular aircraft has been designed with the beginner in mind, being very forgiving yet giving lively performance especially when it comes to operating from short unprepared fields.  Experience has shown that students who learn on this aircraft find conversion to other more sophisticated aircraft much easier.  This is due firstly to the requirement to use the rudder pedals in order to fly the aircraft more precisely, and secondly, the extremely light control forces normally only found in very advanced more aerobatic type of aircraft.  This makes for a more relaxed and less strenuous flight even in very turbulent conditions.  Whilst some schools use faster and more sophisticated aircraft in the training role, experience has shown that this generally slows down a student's progress and increases the training time required to reach that seemingly elusive goal of first solo or the licence!

The Quantum is a tandem seat, flexible wing, weightshift controlled microlight.  This aircraft has proved itself to be one of the most popular weightshift aircraft in the world today, being used by the majority of schools in the UK.  It is extremely forgiving, having the mild stall characteristics normally associated with lower performance craft, yet still producing good cruise speeds, superb handling and very fast climb rates.  


In order to offer a personal service courses are strictly limited in numbers and, therefore, it is important to book early to avoid disappointment.  Courses normally run from Monday to Friday, with beginner training taking place mainly in the mornings and the late afternoons.  Lessons last approximately 1½ - 2 hours including a minimum of 1 hour’s flying training (taken from engine start to engine stop). Courses can be completed  in several stages but remember, if you come back, a certain amount of revision will be required before you can pick up where you left off.  The longer you leave it between courses, the more revision will be required.


You can complete your training from start to finish with us even including any tests or examinations by our staff CAA Examiner.  You can also start your training here, which will be 'signed off' in your logbook by our UK, CAA Approved Flying Instructors when you leave.  You can then complete your training when you go home to your local school.  Alternatively, courses can be structured to take into account any previous training that you have completed.


  •   All practical courses include:
  •   Instruction Fees
  •   Pre & Post Flight Briefings
  •   Landing Fees
  •   Use of Aircraft and Equipment: Flying Suits, Helmets, etc all provided
  •   Pilot's Logbook
  •   NPPL (M) Practical or Theoretical Syllabus
Physical Requirements

Potential pilots can start training at the age of 14 but those aiming to fly solo must be at least 16 years old and to hold a licence they need to be at least 17 years of age.

Student pilots on our courses must be reasonably fit and in good health.  In order to fly solo or obtain a licence they must also obtain a Group 1 or 2 Medical Certificate downloadable from the NPPL website.  Medical standards required are laid down in the DVLA website.

In order to handle the aircraft safely they must be between 1.50m – 1.93m tall and weigh between 45kg – 110kg when dressed ready to fly.  Furthermore although weightshift aircraft are exhilarating and immense fun to fly they demand a higher degree of skill and physical strength compared to three axis aircraft, therefore older people (50+) and those of small stature often find they make more rapid progress on the three axis microlight.

Young ladies also like to fly the X Air

NPPL (M)  Completion Times

There is no time limit for any dual training but ground examinations must be completed within 12 months and solo flying hours must be completed within 9 months prior to application for a licece.  This often proves to be the major stumbling block in the UK as the weather can remain un-flyable for low experience pilots for many weeks at a time.

Some students find it difficult to take the time to complete the NPPL (M) course in one go; therefore, it is possible to split the course into separate phases.  See the NPPL (M) Licence section for guidance.

Previous Experience

Qualified pilots should consult the Advanced Pilot or the Conversion Course sections.

Those with previous experience but not holding a current licence may be eligible for a reduction in the training requirement for the NPPL (M) – for further details visit the NPPL website. 

Student pilots who have already received instruction with a qualified flying instructor should bring their pilot’s logbook and, if possible, they should arrange for a copy of their School Student Record to be sent to us. Those students who have experienced slow progress are assured that with the combination of regular flying; good weather; and a sympathetic, patient and highly experienced instructor will guarantee quicker learning rates.

Additional Lessons

During training you may feel that you would like extra lessons.  Depending upon aircraft and instructor availability this may be possible but cannot be guaranteed at the time of the initial booking.

Recommended Course Items:  

NPPL (M) Theory Courses
  • The Microlight Pilots Handbook by Brian Cosgrove - Available from: Pooleys
  • Notebook, Pens & Pencils

    Flying Instructor Courses
  • Assistant Flying Instructor Course Syllabus - Available from: The BMAA
  • Microlight Instructor & Examiner Guide (Available from: The BMAA
  • Flying Instructor Course Sample Pre-entry Examination Papers (free to AFI students)
  • ICAO Chart 1-500,000 Southern England & 1-250,000 Chart - pilot’s own area - available from: Pooleys
  • Plotter/Protractor, Chart Marker Pen, Dividers, Notebook, A2/A3 Card, Colour Pens & Pencils
  • Air Pilot Manuals - Available from: Pooleys

  Courses available

NPPL (M) Theory Training

Prerequisites: Can read & speak English. In order to achieve a satisfactory pass mark in the NPPL (M) Ground Examinations a minimum amount of tutoring is required.  Each lesson lasts one hour and all courses include study material, test papers, 'mock' exams and CAA examination fees.  Theory classes are usually held in the early afternoon. Lessons cost £20.00 or 30€ per hour


The theory is easy when explained!

NPPL (M) Training

Prerequisites: Can read &speak English.

This training can be conducted with a maximum of three lessons per day and follows the NPPL (M) syllabus.

Lessons cost from £85.00 or 115€ per hour


Help and advice from your instructor

Conversion Training

Prerequisites: Minimum - NPPL (M) Restricted Licence

The Conversion course is available to qualified pilots who want to convert from weightshift to 3 axis and vice versa, or from light aircraft to microlights.  Conversion from weightshift to 3 axis is generally quicker than 3 axis to weightshift and any sort of conversion normally requires between 5 and 10 hours training.  Providing the pilot holds a licence then differences training signed off by the instructor is all that is required to be legally entitled to fly a microlight aircraft.

Lessons cost from £85.00 or 115€ per hour


The unspoiled west coast!

Assistant Flying Instructor Courses (AFIC)

Please contact David Young at Kemble Flying Club who can assist with AFI and instructor refresher courses. Contact


European minimum liability insurance is a compulsory requirement for all practical courses which is taken out through us when making a booking. Any additional insurance required can be made directly with:

Yvonne Jukes,

Airsports Insurance Bureau,

48 Alexandra Road, Cowes,

Isle of Wight,

PO31 7JT

Tel: + 44 (0) 1983 298480


How To Book

  •   Read the Booking Conditions
  •   Choose a course to suit your experience and time availability.
  •   Contact Karen to check course and accommodation availability.
  •   Make a provisional email, fax or telephone booking, which we hold for 5 working days.
  •   We will send you a booking form to complete.
  •   Sign and send the booking form by e-mail, fax or post and pay either a 25% deposit, or the full amount of all fees except car hire.
  •   Upon receipt you will be sent a booking confirmation including payment details.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Algarve Airsports Centre AERODROMO DE LAGOS

Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos

Estrada Nacional 125



Algarve Portugal

Tel: + (351) 914 903 384
Fax & Answerphone: + (351) 282 762 906

Payment Of Fees

  • The balance of the course fee may be paid at the start of the course.  Alternatively it may be paid directly into our bank account at least 4 weeks before the course start date.  We are unable to accept credit cards.

  • Upon receipt of either a deposit or full payment you will be sent course enrolment information, further directions to Lagos Aerodome and your accommodation (if required).

  • Car hire payment is due at time of collection (Credit Cards accepted).

What Next

Those students who have booked the theory course should try to do a little pre course study.

Course Booking Conditions

  • I am medically fit and free from any illness or disability that could affect my safety or the safety of others whilst flying a microlight aircraft, over the age of 14 years old), and within the height ( 1.50m – 1.93m tall = 4ft 11in & 6ft 4in) and weight ( 45 kg – 110kg = 7st & 17st) lim its.
  • I understand and accept that it is my responsibility to obtain and complete the NPPL Declaration Of Medical Fitness To Fly (minimum standard DVLA Group 1) NPPL Medical Declaration Form if I want to fly solo or obtain a licence.
  • I can read, write and understand English.
  • I agree to pay a 25% non-refundable deposit at the time of booking and the balance of all fees either in cash at the start of the course or into the AAC bank account at least six (6) weeks before the start of the course. 
  • I understand and accept that deposits are not refundable & that lessons are not transferable. 
  • I understand and accept that cancellations must be in writing. 
  • I understand and accept that in the event of a cancellation, 75% of the total course fee will be refunded. 
  • I understand and accept that non-payment of the balance at the start of the course will be deemed a course cancellation. 
  • I understand and accept that if any lessons are unable to be completed due to circumstances beyond the control of the school during my course attendance then I will accept as recompense a 90% refund of outstanding lessons (not accommodation) fees. 
  • I will arrive at the course enrolment time.  I understand and accept that late or non-arrival may result in the forfeit of lessons. 
  • I will ensure that any prerequisite documentation will be made available at the time of course enrolment. 
  • I understand and accept that my eventual level of competence is mainly dependent on my learning ability and no guarantee is implied that I will attain a particular level of flying skill upon completion of any of the courses. 
  • I agree to operate the equipment and act under the instructions given to me during the course by the instructor(s). 
  • I agree to abide by the Club Rules & Civil Aviation Regulations and I will conduct myself in a responsible and safety conscious manner at all times during the course. 
  • I understand that whilst every conceivable effort is made by Gerry Breen trading as the Algarve Airsports Centre to reduce all risks to an acceptable level the flying of microlight aircraft can be a dangerous activity even when practised by experienced pilots in perfect weather conditions.  
  • Considering that the Algarve Airsports Centre operates in Lagos, Portugal, all matters pertaining to or arising from a booking and the contractual relation between the parties are ruled by Portuguese law and will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Lagos, Portugal (Tribunal Judicial da Comarca de Lagos) or, if agreed in writing by both parties, to arbitration in Portugal under Portuguese arbitration rules.