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David 'Dayve' Norwood

David has had a long career in the airline industry as an aircraft engineer and is licensed on Boeing 737, 757, 767 and Airbus A320 aircraft.  He was a British Airways apprentice and served for twelve years at Heathrow.  A further five years were then spent in Hong Kong working for Cathay Pacific.  After returning to the UK he joined First Choice/Thomson Airways in Manchester. 

During his apprenticeship he started to fly light aircraft, gaining his Private Pilots Licence in 1982 and has been current ever since.  He has flown Piper Tomahawks and Cherokees and has even flown Cessna’s out of the old KaiTak airport in Hong Kong, putting a number of exotic locations in his log book!  Since then he has also flown a variety of microlight aircraft including a “breezy” Quicksilver, which inspired him to leave the airlines and pursue the idea of operating microlight aircraft on floats. Having now gained his CAA Flying Instructor Rating, David is the Director of floatplane operations at the Centre.

Karen is his lovely wife who assists his operation at the Centre.  They met while David was an apprentice - busy apprenticeship, eh?  They have been married ever since and have two grown up daughters in the UK.  The youngest is a hairdresser and singer/songwriter. The eldest is sort of following in Dad’s footsteps, as she is a stewardess for British Airways!   David and Karen have been known to tread the boards as an actor and an actress too!