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Helena Sá

Helena enjoys her introduction to aerobatics!

Helena Sá enjoyed a peaceful career as a an Office Manager for a Public Relations Company in London when she started getting her head in the clouds.  She then progressed to vet nursing in the marine mammal business always flying balloons in her spare time.

She started her ballooning career in 1991 in South Africa and progressed to obtaining her pilots licence in the UK in 2000. She has participated in International Competitions and Championships and slowly (because ballooning is slow) she obtained enough experience to venture into the commercial world of ballooning, obtaining her CPL in 2008. Having worked and travelled abroad for various commercial operators she now starts a new venture in Portugal.  Being the first and only women balloon pilot in Portugal she endeavours to start atracting newcomers to this wonderful sport.

She speaks five languages and is a great addition to the Algarve Airsport Centre team as the Office Manager & Commercial Balloon Pilot and also brings a lot of hot air …. Helena is now keen on progressing her flying passion onto fixed wing aircraft.