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Dear Karen and Gerry and all at the Algarve Airsports Centre,

May I say to you all individually, I shall not forget a single one of you, and that except for holidays spent with my late wife and with my family that I have not enjoyed my stay with anyone, anywhere, over the long years, in any way close to the enjoyment of my stay with yourselves.

Each and every one of you, in your own way, from the moment I arrived until the moment I left brought something special back into my life and the flying was several hundred per cent more enjoyable than I ever imagined it could be.

The laughs with me and at my expense were most joyful and the wit and kindness of each of a great team had to be experienced to be appreciated.

I know full well that this sounds like the maudlin ramblings of an old fool (and I know that I am all of that) but every word, as my grandson James says, is "well true".

Thank you all for everything



Hi All,

Just to let you know I did a forum post on my experiences with you.

Hopefully this will encourage more to follow in my footsteps. Thanks again




Hello Gerry, Karen and all,

I don't know if its Algarvitis, if such a thing exisits? but I am missing you all at Algarve Airsports Centre. 'Normal' life here in England seem a bit flat after my time with you. It is a month today since I set out to join you in Lagos and my experiences with you over the three weeks will always be happy memories for me. Since I have been back in England I have managed 2.7 hrs flying from Otherton in the 582 X-Air G-BZEJ.

You were right Gerry, about being able to land at Lagos, with its rota, wind gradient and a narrow runway! It makes landing seem easier when you get home. I could not believe how big and fat the runway was at Sleap last Friday. I got MATZ penetration through Shawbury by the way so must have sounded reasonably proficient.

The difference between the X'Air at Otherton (the airfield bike!) and CS-ULD with its 912 engine, is that when I gave it full throttle, with two fat lads and full fuel on a warm humid day on grass, nothing happened for a while. then we limped out at 300' per minute!

Kind regards to all the gang. I wish you all the best,
Andrew Aston.