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Pegasus Quantum 912 Weightshift Microlight

The Pegasus Quantum is a tandem seat, flexible wing, weightshift controlled microlight.  This aircraft has proved itself to be one of the most popular weightshift aircraft in the world today, being used by the majority of schools in the UK.

It is a fun aircraft to fly where you actually feel part of the aircraft and the flying environment. Often described as the motorcycle of the sky, it is very manouverable with an unequalled open cockpit view of the world below.

It is extremely forgiving, having mild stall characteristics normally associated with lower performance craft, yet still producing fast cruise speeds and very high climb rates.

The main structure of the rolling chassis (trike) is made from aluminium alloy tube. Rigid composite seats are fitted, which locate onto a tubular seat frame.  The rear undercarriage comprises of steel alloy tubes with elastomer suspension incorporated into aluminium alloy struts.  The nosewheel undercarriage is steerable and incorporates footrests with throttle and brake controls.  The ‘hang glider‘ type wing is made from aluminium alloy tubing and polyester (sailcloth) fabric with the aerofoil section defined by pre-formed aluminium and composite ribs.

The trike is fitted with a rear mounted Rotax 912, 80 hp engine, reduction drive and pusher propeller. This 4-stroke, 4 cylinder horizontally opposed engine has dual spark ignition, magneto, dry sump lubrication and electric starter system. The cylinder heads are liquid cooled and the barrels are ram-air-cooled. It uses normal unleaded petrol but can operate on aviation gasoline (AVGAS) also.

Specifications & Performance

    Empty Weight

    216.5 kg

    Maximum Take off Weight

    409 kg

    Minimum Occupant Weight

    55 kg

    Maximum Useable Fuel

    47.4 litres (34 kg)

    Maximum Bank Angle

    60 degrees

    Maximum Pitch Angle

    45 degrees

    Maximum Flight Loads

    +4 / -0 g

    Stall @ MAUW

    32 mph

    Manoeuvring Speed (VA)

    59 mph

    Maximum Permissible Speed (Vne)

    90 mph

    Minimum Sink Rate @ 40 mph

    400 feet per min

    Best glide ratio @ 40 mph still air


    Take off distance to 50 feet at MAUW

    130 metres

    Maximum rate of climb @ 45 mph (MAUW)

    1000 feet per min

    Landing distance from 50 feet

    190 metres

    Fuel Consumption @ 409 kg MAUW & 60mph

    12 litres per hour

    Maximum Continuous Power

    5600 rpm